2/22/2013 Lawful vs. Legal

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda responded to the letter composed in attempt to buy us time which was issued by Gustavo to the court in Puriscal, Costa Rica on October 5, 2011. In reviewing this response, we have the opportunity to clarify the concept of 'status'. Governments must always categorize people in order to identify the contractual category the individual has with the government. 

The origin and etymology of the word minor comes from minority and is loosely associated with an individual who has limited rights. That is true, because in the subject of children, they have strongly limited rights, simply because they cannot articulate their rights. In the matter of my children, their rights are bestowed upon them by the Liege enumerated in the preamble. I, their father, protect my children in the formative years until they are competent at exercising and knowing their rights to protect themselves from government. It is not your neighbor that foists legislation upon you. Your rights existed BEFORE government existed. Constitutions are established to identify which rights will not be attacked by public servants in their zeal to 'serve'.

For the purpose of reviewing the judge's letter, we can use the definition of minor within the legislation, Código de la Niñez y la Adolescencia, (article 2) .  Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda refers to articles 143 and 144 of this 'Code of Childhood and Adolescence'. This legislation makes very clear that the parents waived any preambular rights over their children in return for state entitlements. The state determines every aspect of the child's life. In the judge's letter, he notes 144a) Identifying that the parties are present. That in itself is fascinating, because on September 6, 2011 none of the state authorities would identify my wife standing there in the flesh as the one they had a claim on (or her children), even though my wife identified herself as the one Dr. Juan Miguel Chaccon Cerdas sought to have create nexus to the civil law claims he presented. Of course, without state registration, they had no claim. So what changed and allowed the judge to finally acknowledge us? A lawyer with a cedula number (FINALLY) a player from their board who can speak for us by our consent. The court finally has a contractual party they can legally address (Gustavo). Of course, threats, coercion, physical assault, terrorism, and causing a death to a member of our family does not legitimize our use of a state licensed attorney.

Article 144 of the Code of Childhood and Adolescence includes that all minors WILL:

B) Be instructed as to their rights in accordance to the code and, be separated from their parents if necessary.
C) Be heard and their statements assessed by 'experts' who know them and they will receive representation from PANI.

Who could that be since NOT ONE of these narcissists have ever met us, or our children before? Never the less, our children are under one instruction in such events. DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS, especially ones with smooth speech and offers of sweet, nice things. The idea that we would actually ALLOW these mental rapists to even look at our children is an insult to my late daughter's memory as I THE FATHER am solely responsible for protecting MY children lest I waive that preambular power in favor of FREE STATE ENTITLEMENTS. Understand that we the parents are not to be heard in the process as the children under this code will be represented by PANI.

As it stands, there are no complaints of any veracity issued against my children or my wife. It is not the court's prerogative to 'instruct' my children of entitlements or obligations that arise as a result of  quasi contracts that do not exist. My children's rights arise by virtue of  their mother and I conceiving them. They BELONG to us. However, under article 12 of the Código Niñez y Adolescense, article 12, PANI and the courts believe that the children belong to them. However the hierarchal rules differ from that erroneous belief the judge maintains.

My children, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, are OUR PROPERTY because we have not practiced any form of re-lieging whereby we convert our property to YOU. Until a legitimate charge is presented that we can answer to, YOU, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, remain just another man like my neighbor as you have no civil or Levitical capacity to wage FORCE against me or my family. 

For those who blindly allow the state to control their children, the code is a socialist manifesto creating civil obligations over individual rights. In essence, every right you originally had is reduced to opinion and duress of 'experts' serving the United Nations under this legislation. It is best to read the entire document to see what you are contracting with. Consistant with the strategies used so far, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda picks a few words that assist in a bias with (The United Nations and their NGO/PPP operative PANI). The civil legislation defines who it applies to in article 2. "CHILD PERSONS' is how they define a minor for the purpose of this contract. It applies to an entire group called PERSONS. None of my family are legal persons in Costa Rica. We could create legal persons by voluntarily registering ourselves and our children, whereby we create a contract with the state that would obligate us and our children to all the articles in the code. We refrained from such as per our preambular right. It is not offensive to the state to to refrain from limited liability entitlements. We are free NOT to associate with any civil entities where there are no tort/trespass/contractual breaches are present. (See constitutional articles 25, 13.3, 19, 28) These concepts were precisely addressed in our prior testimonies which are in the case file.

In the determination and interpretation of the Codigo Niñez y Adolecentes, article 8, we find the hierarchy of interpretation. The constitution is the highest level, followed by the United Nations international treaties and codes and so on. The constitution is the highest law and the first law of the constitution is the preamble. The Lawmaker enumerated in the preamble gave us the choice of which law we could follow and instruction on what to do when one law conflicts with another. (Acts 5;29 amongst others) This, of course, has been reiterated multiple times to the 'experts in law' we have been dealing with. 

The Judge's reply to Gustavo's letter indicated that our ruse using a court approved persona (attorney) succeeded. I do not believe Gustavo was truly aware that we were simply using him and allowed his inept arguments (obviously contrary to the codes) to be entered to lure the judge into a false sense of confidence when indeed he had his chance to capture us all. 

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, you have made many errors beginning with September 6, 2011. However, this was your first serious tactical mistake, which illustrates you have neither the internal fortitude nor intellect for the zone you now find yourself. You could have easily followed correct due process, protected yourself by deferring PANI to a higher court thus denying the plaintiff's application for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and lack of competent witnesses. As soon as the judge presented himself, read the complaint and swore in the parties, we would have entered a subpoena duces tecum demanding the affiant present a charge, complaint or breach of contract. Instead of following due process, you conspired with Patricia Mesen Arroyo and had her sign YOUR testimony that the woman you sought never showed up to court. That is why you had to hide, so that my wife could not sopena YOU as her witness that she was actually there. Twisted, isn't it. Furthermore, you decided to ignore article 194 and your oath, which empowers you to wield police power. You chose partiality over the rules of competency. Due process is the hinge of jurisprudence and you now find yourself outside of your judicial immunity protection. As a civil magistrate/judge/levitical priest (194), you Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda were the legal prophylaxis preventing egregious state narcissists from penetrating the preamble of the constitution. 

This is all depicted in the Manual of Administrative Procedure, isn't it? A veritable Bill of Rights for due process in Costa Rica. We will compare Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's actions against this judicial process manual later. For when an extreme minority is attacked by administration, jurisprudence is served ONLY when due process is followed, as per that manual. Of course, you, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, are well aware of this as you are an 'expert' in all law civil as well as levitical.  

For the purpose of closing this post, I highly recommend the reading of this entire piece of national socialist lex offered by purveyors of taking children from their parents. I will cover some of these points next time, but to help you 'cue up' points of interest, see articles 2, 3, 8, 10, 12, 32, 43, 46, 57, 59, 62-64, 92, 96, 109, 110. The point to all of this is a simple one. Since the authors of these rules are not public servant servants, it is only law if we consent to it. If such rules are absorbed as law in Costa Rica, those laws only effect those who are registered with the Costa Rican administration. That consent is enumerated in the preamble and established by civil contract called registration. Any idea that we must give our children to strangers is just an indication that the civil god we created is very jealous. Civilly dead corporations/associations cannot reproduce to increase their political power, thus like any other religion, it must recruit. Such recruitment into a civil contract can only be done by consent and if force is used, that force is defined as using terrorism to impose a condition of involuntary servitude (Art. 20). The Liege enumerated in the preamble would appear to be pro-choice, but warns us repeatedly when we desire to create our own liege and worship it. It seems history never changes, just the form and image of the idol.

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