A Tale of Injustice

Since July 2011, my blog, Open Toe Shoes, has been focused entirely on the unfolding events between James and Birgitte's family and public ministries in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Over the last nine months their journey has taken them from fighting for the right to live freely in their home on their farm in the town where everyone loved them to being a family torn apart, hiding in exile to protect their sons and unable to mourn the death of an innocent child, their daughter and sister, Nikoline.

In their adherence to law, James and Birgitte have plainly asked the court in Puriscal, Costa Rica to point out to them exactly where they err in their repeated presentation of law. They have been answered only with complete disregard of process and an ugly display of power and intent to take custody of their children. It cannot be overlooked that local authorities do not have any jurisdiction over James and Birgitte's children.

The United Nation ideals that James has been pointing out uncannily reflect the actions of the ministerial officials. His dead straight approach to revealing what we are all involved in certainly stirs emotions. What we mustn't forget is that James is not asking anyone to get out of their box. Actually, he is defending nations and their constitutions which assert the rights of individuals and define the limitations of elected and appointed public servants. James is defending the law.

At the same time James is fighting off wolves with his dagger of fact, he is clearing a path by which others can understand and protect themselves from such a miscarriage of jurisprudence. Understanding, examining and testing the laws is part of our civic duty. Scrutinizing the actions of a local gang of power tripped bureaucrats should be shared by everyone.The full story as it has unfolded is here, in chronological order.

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