9/5/11 A Meeting is Called

On September 2, 2011 an order was served to our friends in Costa Rica to appear in Civil Court in Puriscal, Costa Rica on Tuesday, September 7. The order did not detail any charges presented against our friends. Our friends in Costa Rica presume they are answering to a complaint initiated by the Ministry of Health and PANI (the agency for the protection of women and children) regarding the vaccination of our friends' minor children.
Since May 13, 2011 our friends have been accosted by the Ministry of Health in Puriscal, Costa Rica and PANI numerous times. The representatives of these agencies, who claim to be public servants subservient to the Costa Rican Constitution, have acted with intimidation, coercion and threats of physical force. This order is the first indication of an answer to the many documents that our friends have respectfully submitted to the Ministry of Health, PANI, EBAIS #4 and the court which illustrate our friends' lawful status. All of these documents and the sequence of events can be read in previous posts on this blog.

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