9/23/11 Ask Yourself

On September 6, 2011, one of our friends in Costa Rica punctually honored an order to appear in court. Our friend, however, was denied the hearing she was called to due to the fact that she appeared in the flesh without any sort of government issued number or identification. Since the very official who had brought the complaint against our friend was in the same room and could easily confirm her identity, it may only be concluded that the court was unable to proceed with the hearing because our friend lacked the contract which would enable the courts to speak to our friend at all.
On that day our friend was even denied the knowledge of what charges had been brought against her.
On that day, representatives of the government broke through the locked gate to our friends' property, invaded their home and confiscated their property.

According to the constitution of Costa Rica:
ARTICLE 25. The inhabitants of the Republic have the right of association for lawful purposes. No one may be compelled to form a part of any association whatsoever.

Not forming association with the Republic of Costa Rica is not a crime.
To this day, our friends have not committed a crime. No charges of any crime have been brought before our friends.
Our friends in Costa Rica have been forced to seek refuge to protect themselves and their children from the lawless actions of officials from the Ministry of Health in Puriscal and PANI. These officials have made it clear that they intend to take possession of our friends' minor children by force.
From afar, we have been able to confirm that the case number which was included in the order to appear in court is in fact a public record. There is a computerized system in Costa Rica where any individual may research any public record. Unfortunately, Puriscal lacks this sophisticated technology and so it is necessary for the public to retrieve public records in person. The charges should be made available to anyone, with association (government issued identification), no questions asked.
I challenge you to test this process.
The expediente, or case number, is 11-400185-197-FA.
Find out what the charges are specifically. Then ask yourself, how great is a country whose officials use coercion, intimidation and force against people who have not been presented with charges of any crime; whose officials deny those people due process; whose officials disregard the constitution they claim to be subservient to and whose officials inject terror into the same children they claim to be protecting?

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