7/31/11 Answers By Phone

The phone call that our friends made to Dr. Cerdas, director of the Ministry of Health in Puriscal, Costa Rica, was a call made at Dr. Cerdas' request. This request was delivered to our friends' neighbor. To paraphrase, Dr. Cerdas told our friends' neighbor that it was urgent that our friends call Dr. Cerdas. Dr Cerdas also added that the next visit he made would be one in which he would take our friends' children by force and make decisions for our friends' children as if they were his property.

Dr. Cerdas has made it clear that he intends to make display of his authority and deny our friends due process. Neither Dr. Cerdas nor PANI has answered in writing to the four simple questions that our friends addressed to both the Ministry of Health and PANI. However, when our friends placed the call to Dr. Cerdas, at his urging, our friends were able to ask him those same questions directly. Our friends made a record of this conversation and we have added a dramatization of it to our friends' You Tube video catalogue. Ironicly, as you will note, Dr. Cerdas has no urgent message to give to our friends after all.

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