3/21/12 Who Are These Israelites Anyway?

Dr. Cerdas busied himself on July 26, 2011 when he told our neighbor that he and his cohorts were going to return, break in the gate, take our children, register them, vaccinate them and place them in public school. That is a serious threat coming from a religious ministerial sect working in coordination with another religious order, the United Nations. The United Nations is a body that countries contract with and they have some extreme anti Semitic values. Let's have a look at some of the ideals promoted by the United Nations and their various appendages. The actions of the public officials run contrary with the standards listed in the United Nations Prevention of Genocide of 1948 and Codigo Penal of Costa Rica, 127.

Dr. Cerdas' threats reinforce the fact that Dr. Cerdas intends to carry out his threats WITHOUT establishing jurisdiction over my children. This jurisdiction is established through contract which is identified by public registry.

Few people understand that when government appears to have smashed their constitutional rights, that in reality, they voluntarily entered a system whereby they waived their rights. Many wish to receive benefits from the state's varied social schemes, and for such, they must waive their constitutional rights.

Of course, my family would never interfere with other families' decisions on what they think, what they worship, what social policies they adopt, how they discipline their children, what car they drive or how they do their hair. It simply is not our business.

It does seem the business, however, of faceless bureaucrats to involve themselves lawlessly in my family's life in order to impress upon us their religious dogma called 'Humanism.' As Israelites, it is not our desire to be missionaries. Our beliefs do not require recruitment of others. The nation of Israel is a nation of people and IS NOT to be construed as the state of the star on the East coast of the Mediterranian Sea. That is a geopolitical zone established by contract under a ruse called the Balfour Declaration and has little to do with the Nation of Israel and has more to do with Zionist bankers.

Israelites are a nation of Law, not religious dogma. Religions typically require recruitment and involve commercial contracts and registration. In their inception, religions tend to be innocuous and give ephemeral releases for populations in their stressful existence in a complex world. When these programming agencies, arranged by a few elite men who suffer the same greed, fear, lust, vanity and jealousy of all men in the flesh become megalomaniac in their utopian dogmas, Law is the only recourse for Israelites to find shelter. Israelites sojourn throughout the world existing in lands of others who have also adopted the God of Israel as their foundation of Law. Costa Rica is one such nation as the constitution prescribes.

The concept of the nation of Israel is a critical understanding in the coming posts, because we must be able to discern the difference between Law and religion, morals and dogmas.

We will return to the concept of jurisdiction, artificial personas and how that affects our relationship with governing bodies under Romans 13, but for now I suggest the readers of this blog and the enemies of my nation begin by defining the following terms:
Israelite, Jew, Zionist, proselyte, semite, liege and regis. We must understand that deception is in the words and our enslavement is cast by our own hand or mouth. You may be surprised what you find in Oz. With no understanding of history, you will never know who you are. If you do not know who you are, you will never know where you are headed. It will all tie in soon.

For those who have so vengefully desecrated theLaw and, with full intent, damaged my harmless family in return for shallow gains in your ephemeral world, you will reap what you sow. Brick by brick, my friends.

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