12/19/11 Anonymous Nonsense vs. Cold Hard Facts

The purpose of publishing all of the affidavits, constructive notices and events involving the interaction between our friends and the Ministry of Health and PANI in Puriscal, Costa Rica is strictly for the transparent documentation of facts. However, there have been several anonymous comments left to one blog post in particular which dwell on opinions, fairies in the clouds and other off point topics. Curiously, the comments focus on my own editorials and are ripe with conviction; yet no one has uttered a peep regarding the work that James has submitted to the courts and ministries. Admittedly, my writing demands very little and is much easier to attack. I do hope that thoughtful readers as well as off point, anonymous individuals are taking the time to absorb James' research and presentation of law and facts.
My objective in writing today is not to partake in virtual opinion ping pong, but to hopefully establish more facts. An anonymous commenter has claimed to be living in Costa Rica with their family and publicly choosing not to vaccinate their children or send them to public school. Still another anonymous commenter has claimed to know hundreds of families in Costa Rica who are openly foregoing vaccinations for their children and choosing to home-school. I do not understand why anyone with such valuable information would choose to publish opinions and experiences anonymously. I urge the commenters to present the laws and facts that support the claims they have made. This information may not help our friends, but would undoubtedly aid other families living in Costa Rica who are struggling with these same issues.
The suggestion that the Ministry of Health and PANI are in accordance with hundreds of families living in Costa Rica without injecting their children with mandatory vaccines contradicts the testimony of Dr. Cerdas who, in the driveway of our friends on June 30, 2011, read from the General Law Health book the exact articles which require contracted residents under the age of 15 to vaccinate and re-vaccinate. It is difficult to believe that Costa Rica is in any way disregarding its own mandates. Inside Costa Rica published an article on January 26, 2010 regarding the mandatory H1N1 vaccine for selected high risk groups in Costa Rica. According to that article:
"The vice-ministra de Salud, Ana Morice, explained that the CCSS will be compiling a list from medical records of persons that are required to be vaccinated,...The vice-ministra said that those people on the list who do not want to receive the vaccine, will be obligated to do so. "The idea is not use force, even though we have the right to go with the police to pull people from their homes and take them to a medical centre to be vaccinated", explained Morice. The mandatory vaccination is based on government decree 35703-S of the Ley General de Salud published on January 21, 2010 in the official government publication, La Gaceta."
What an eerie contemplation that you too may be obligated to be injected with a substance that you may or may not philosophically agree with and that your eligibility to be on the list is based on your personal medical records. If we ask the government to protect us, we can't cry when we don't like their approach.
I suspect that the numerous anonymous comments which suggest that our friends are only having trouble because they have not contracted with the state of Costa Rica and that it is possible to refuse that which public ministries deem mandatory and necessary is only a repeated desperate attempt to divert the focus away from the fact that not only is it impossible to refuse the mandated gifts from the State, but should you ever have trouble in Costa Rica, don't count of due process of law either.
Perhaps these numerous anonymous comments are made by individuals who have financial interests which are dependent on a positive image of Costa Rica. My opinion, your opinion and other irrelevant references to mythical creatures do not dilute the fact that our friends have not committed a crime; there is no habeas corpus. If anyone believes that our friends did harm by not soliciting social contracts with the state of Costa RIca, just ask yourself why our friends have yet to be presented with any charges against them; why, if they were not contracted with the state, it was the ministry of health and not immigration to storm our friends' sanctuary; and why due process has been completely denied to our friends?
Our friends understand and follow the laws. Without lying or cheating or doing any harm to anyone, our friends live, committed to personal responsibility so as to never add to the great burden of so many needy people who choose to contract and benefit from the generous social entitlements of a struggling, developing nation. Our friends are not jealously demanding that anyone think or live as they do. It is shortsighted to protect fragile interests by trashing victims. Why not, instead, stand tall and demand due process to prove that the product you are selling lives up the glorious image you promote? Pura Vida.

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