11/26/11 Response to Article Published in A.M. Costa Rica

The Table of the Steadfast

On Wednesday, November 23, 2011 an article was published on the front page of A.M. Costa Rica about Nikoline’s death and the “long-running dispute on vaccinations” between her family and government officials in Puriscal. My hope, is that anyone aware of this tragic saga will take the time to read more than just that article published in the daily English publication, or the easy introductions on my blog. My hope is that everyone will take the time to read the work that James has tirelessly researched, drafted and submitted to the ministries and courts. It is all here on this blog.

I am disheartened to see that the focus of the article in A.M. Costa Rica is on the actions and ideals of our friends. I would wish that an educated journalist writing a story about the tragic passing of a young girl, would take the time to analyze the actions of the officials who issued and carried out the order to raid our friends’ home and forced them to seek refuge at a safe distance. I am perplexed by the choice of the word, “stubborn,” to describe parents who honorably answered to each and every offer, request and order submitted to them by the representatives of the ministries who brought claims against them.

The article in A.M. Costa Rica loosely ties facts, inaccuracies and opinions together to paint a picture void of opportunity for readers to question the actions of the public servants involved in this case. The article fails to question why the home of our friends was raided. The article fails to question the jurisdiction of local health ministries over undocumented foreigners. The article goes as far as suggesting that the determined spirit of the father to battle injustice played a part in the passing of his daughter. I beg of you, readers, to remember that the only reason Nikoline was navigating unfamiliar terrain was because her family had been driven out of their sanctuary by an order from a judge; the same judge who refused to present charges to or acknowledge our friend in the flesh who had been summonsed to his chamber.

With minimal effort of traveling to Puriscal and interviewing any one of the local people, the writer of the article published in A.M. Costa Rica could have learned and shared that this family was a loved and respected part of the community; a family who “properly schooled” their children to speak three languages, understand economics, production, science, history, law, appreciate literature by authors from across the globe and spans of time, and whose children have the manners and self discipline which allowed them to sing at the National Theatre with the highly acclaimed choir of Don Carlos Luis Fallas. With minimal effort the writer could have also shared that the oldest daughters traveled to nearby schools to aid local children with their English lessons.

That this family lacked modern transportation and relied on their own horses or hired taxis is a small testament to their unyielding dedication to abide by law. Included in the constructive notice submitted to EBAIS #4 in Puriscal, and published on this blog on July 2, 2011:

“I recognize the sovereignty of the state of CR as well as the sovereignty of the God of Israel. CR article 2.”

“I am attempting to conduct myself and arrange the conduct of my family in such a way as to follow the rules of both sovereigns for the purpose of being in accordance with rules of peaceful conduct and submission to well heeled government as well as faithful servants to the God of Israel. ‘Qui jure suo utitur, nemini facit injuriam.’ Acts 5:29”

The writer of the article in A.M. Costa Rica notes that our friends made repeated inquiry to the government officials to whether they are subservient to the God of Israel. That was just one of four questions that our friends repeatedly asked.

In the constructive notice, which was published on this blog on July 2, 2011, our friends also state:

“Be it known that we have acted in accordance with all laws and attended promptly to any charge, citation or summons presented to us. In any controversy, we present ourselves voluntarily and with out prejudice; that the matter may have a swift resolution. No undue force will be required in any dealing with us. Article 37

I have just highlighted a few of the many pertinent points made in just one of the several documents that our friends have submitted to the ministries and courts. Our friends’ defense was replied to with coercion, threats, intimidation, denial of charges, and UNDUE FORCE.

Interestingly, an anonymous comment was posted to one of my blog entries by a member of a family living as residents in Costa Rica. Included in the lengthy comment left on November 24, 2011- “Our family lives in Costa Rica. We are residents, and we also homeschool and refuse vaccinations. Not only has this been 100% okay with the Costa Rican government they are fully aware of what we are doing and have no complaints.”

In which direction will the people point fingers of blame? At the family who is diligently asserting their right and duty to practice personal responsibility and follow God’s law, or to the moody tyrants who need to be reminded that they are in fact public servants under the scrutiny of the masses?

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