9/26/12 There Are Three Kinds of Lies; Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

"There are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics."

Twain's use of this was not merely for the use of irony, but illustration of a fact. Lying is inherently evil, but lying for the purpose of supporting a religious agenda which attempts to support itself with falsified statistics is more than a damned lie. It is an inchoate crime, particularly when it must be further covered with more people, more lies, suppressing evidence, omitting material facts, perjury of testimony to a judge, abusing process and obstructing justice with off point, specious testimonials. This obviously has morphed beyond anything to do with the benefit of our children, ironically claimed in the United Nations' charter. This is an attack of ideals where, I choose to support the law of the constitution and preamble and PANI officials and Ministerial officials choose to side with the United Nations and that source of Pantheistic Humanism as a final word. Such a religion can only be assimilated by the choice afforded in civil equity definitions. My position harms nobody and illustrates demonstrable, definable facts. Their position relies on the use of lies and inchoate attacks on my family that proved genocidal. If indeed PANI and the Ministries were truly concerned about my children, open dialogue to establish their power (jurisdiction) over my children would have been the correct civil approach, not secretive panels, lies, abuse of process and stealth attacks and omission of our documents that annuls their power over us. Open dialogue would be the choice of any group seriously concerned about the truth of the matter. The above tactics used by Dr. Juan Miguel Chaccon Cerdas, Patricia Mesen Arroyo and all of the United Nations functionaries that involved themselves in the destruction of my family = summation of the mens rea of their inchoate crimes and the resulting pernicious damages. The overall sense of the people who attended my daughter's funeral knew something was drastically wrong. I have simply defined the wrongness and intent to damage in all of these previous blog entries.
Now we move onto September 6, 2011, the event and actual ACTION and causation that led to the death and destruction of our lives in Costa Rica. What occurred in the court room on that day?

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