1/31/2013 So Who Owns the Children Anyway?

The pressing need to create a notice to the court so that Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda could see a proper manner to assist the affiant in establishing jurisdiction just so they would stop terrorizing for sufficient time to deal with our daughter's funeral was a nauseating tactic. Never the less, I did not want to change our true standing in the court, thus I followed Gustavo's work with actual points of law, although couched in language which softened their real nature.

13) That the children have no rights except those bestowed upon them by their guardians.

The simple reason is that all rights must be articulated by the combatant defendant in persona propria. If you cannot identify and articulate your rights, they can be taken from you. Therefore, if you willingly waive your fundamental rights as the purveyors of human life to a dead civil entity, such as government via the 14th amendment (US) or article 13.3 of the Costa Rican constitution, you no longer can apply the preambular laws regarding raising your children. By your own hand or mouth, you have transferred their lives to the state and reduced your status to that of the babysitter. As such, the registered child is subject to whatever opinions and interpretations the judiciary on that jurisdictional playing surface makes.

However, in our case, we did not transfer any rights to the state. Our allodial right over our children is protected by the prerequisite ideal enumerated in the preamble. The state cannot prove possession, civil claim (registration) nor allodial right to our DNA. In essence, the state has absolutely no power over our children, United Nations or not.

The principle bears repeating, because people complain about government, but do not understand where they became subject to rules they do not agree with or that are inconsistent with common sense or basic morality. This confusion is fostered in both churches and courts and the hidden hand behind the idol does not want people understanding that the power people have over themselves and their progeny has been abandoned voluntarily. There is no law stating you must have a cedula in Costa Rica or a social security number in the United States.

The concept of 'minors' is born out of minority and is a status applied and regulated by the state. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda continuously speaks of my children as state assets by defining them as minors. This status requires verification from a combatant claimant (plaintiff) in order to establish the jurisdiction. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is operating in assumpsit when he claims this status has been proven. He is operating in treason when he is shown such status does not exist and he proceeds, in any case, to assist the will of an NGO (United Nations).

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